C needed a wisdom tooth removed, and we're still dentisting in Brissie, so we made a (somewhat painful for C) Friday of it.
K and I had great fun in the City - she somehow talked me into buying her preposterous quantities of junk food.
Rod & Cherdina had us over for dinner and wine and put us up (Cherdina is gonna be a mum, we discovered - she abstained from the wine) but of course K, being full of junk food, would not sleep. I gave up trying to sleep with a very awake and energetic toddler in the same bed at around four in the morning, jumped in the car, and drove round the corner to the river, and went for a walk with K over the Schonnel bridge, and round some of the UQ campus and back. Unfortunately, despite her running most of the way in both directions, she still had more energy than me when we got home.
Back in Nimbin I was able to pander to my (too often suppressed, these days) inner geek, as Phil organised a game of Paranoia - which was even more fun than I expected, and finished up as a sleepover. Unlike my student geek roleplaying days, we were all treated to fruit pancakes in the morning, and then we took a walk to the creek below Phil's place (great spot, steep hill coming back up though)!
Anja had organised a bonfire at hers on the Sunday evening. Unfortunately the wood was a bit too green to really burn, but that didn't stop us making an evening of it, with candles under the trees in her garden and cakes and a BBQ keeping us fed - early April is actually perfectly fine for evening outdoor events here in NNSW, even without a crackling bonfire.
This week, though, is my official "I'll only swim in the sea if it's a perfect day" cut-off point; in high Summer, I'll jump in at the beach no matter what the weather.
I kept my birthday quiet.
Last time I'll get away with that in Nimbin.

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