In the Market

Having done the Lismore covered market and then Nimbin market the following week (which featured a great line-up of bands and solo artists on the stage as they're now drifting into town ready for Mardi Grass) we then hit Lismore again to check out the regional organic farmers' market on the following Saturday - something that's been on our list for over two years, but somehow never seemed to fit. It happens at the showgrounds in North Lismore, and it is a bit of a Range-rover and wellies event, but with plenty of yummy local produce (including cheeses and wines I wasn't aware of) making it worth a visit.
We also made time for the Nimbin Autumn Art extravaganza - not only does the standard of the local art keep getting better, but the gallery now boasts its own cafe with a fine balcony overlooking the Nimbin valley, which makes it much easier for us to appreciate all that was on show with a recalcitrant toddler, as we were able to take turns nursing a cappucino and helping K with some crayons.
I finally finished the fishpond, filled it with water,got the pump wired up, and put four bemused goldfish in it. We'll see how long they last. Getting the pond finished in the front garden had the pleasing knock-on effect of motivating C and me to finally shift the great-big-brush-pile from near the front hedge, where it had grown to visible-from-space proportions, and was threatening to become a fire hazard.
I also had an extremely nerve-wracking close call with my hard-drive. It failed gradually, causing BSODs and staying up progressively less long between mandatory reboots, and the replacement HDD I'd ordered (foolishly, as a trial order via US-based international delivery company www.shipito.com, which I do recommend, but which takes a little longer than you'd think) came through just in the nick of time.
This Friday we drove to Gold Coast and caught up with Bas and Jo at their time share apartment at Coolangatta (Beach, wine, pizza, catching up - it's 18 months since we last made it to NZ) and then on the Saturday we drove back for Nik's birthday party (which, quite properly, was an all-nighter, but C and I flaked out of at about 2:15am).
The bank holiday Monday was spent getting the house and garden ready for C's mum's arrival from the UK - though the downstairs flat was more or less set up because my mum had stayed there only a few weeks before.

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