Marching on

I was chuffed that the competition fellow (but vastly more professional) blogger Felix ran on his blog ended up with me fluking the second prize. When it gets here I'll put a review page up (New resolution: From now on, if I read a book purely due to a friend recommending it, they can ask me for a review on this blog).
Midweek (unusually) involved some physical exertion as I joined a few others in helping Phil roll (yes, physically roll) his two 5,000 gallon water tanks into position, using the Pharaoh's preferred methods: Shoulder-pushing and lowering by rope.
Friday involved yet another round of immigration paperwork for C's mum: This time the department concerned wanted signed bonds and documents relating to Medicare guarantees, so we shuttled between the bank and the Centrelink office until we had the requisite signatures and the appropriate forms in triplicate.
Saturday saw some minor celebrations as we joined Benny and a group of mates to celebrate them finally getting the Rocksview guesthouse launched. There is some serious competition, but that place might genuinely have the best views of anywhere you could stay in Nimbin.
The weather is (so far) staying warm and dry - we must take advantage of the Nimbin pool a bit more before it changes its mind and serves up another slice of wet season!

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