Here Comes the Rain again

So we all got up at five am and piled in the car, dropped K with the babysitter (Chris of course) and drove Fran to Brisbane airport. Fran had spent her last day with K showing her how to recognise her Secondlife avatar, so in addition to Skype chats they can hang out in Secondlife.

After dropping Fran off, we caught APT6 at GOMA (really, really awesome - APT is my favourite mainstream art event; it almost makes me want to stop being a philistine, and some pieces even actually verge on relevance).
After taking that in, and two Ugees espressos, we headed to Naomi's new place in Holland Park to check out how they've got it set up. Quickly, is the answer.

As we had an excuse to be in Brisbane sans toddler anyway, and all our friends were going to a burlesque ball, we decided it would be churlish not to join in. Much sartorial fun was had, and despite the stage show being well below par, it was an awesome night. In fact, the stage show being pants might have actually made it better - the whole group spent more time chatting and interacting than staring at the stage. C and I said bye to our (far more hardcore) fellow burlesquers, and drove back across the Brisbane river to Naomi's in the pouring rain at five am, and slept for three hours. Five am is a horrible time of day when you see it in the morning, and then you see it that same night, without having slept in between. At eight am we got up, and realised Naomi and Bruce had left for work, leaving us alone in their house. We briefly considered trashing the place and getting the gang round for an impromptu beerkeg party, but decided to get eggs benedict at a Stones Corner cafe instead, and then headed South on the M1 to get back to our daughter (we need not have worried, as she'd had a great time for the whole 30 hours we were away - a new record).

Back in Nimbin, the rains had set in for real - there is now a steady alternation between drizzle and hammering rain, the sky is gunmetal grey morning and evening, and you can hardly leave the house without tripping over all kinds of delicious mushrooms.
Being severely out of practice, the weekend of driving and clubbing in the big city left us both destroyed - ten days of taking it very easy indeed ensued, which is actually rather pathetic. But I can be honest with you, right, blog-page? You won't tell anyone else? Good.

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