Settled At Last

So, we're settled. I'm settled. We've gone bush.
Hitting the ground running in my new job has still been tricky though - no sooner had the tree surgeons ridden off into the sunset (leaving me wondering what I'm meant to do with all those sections of tree trunk) than the termite control guys showed up to sort us out.
We hastily arranged to borrow Steffan's trailer, hitched it up and ferried two trailer-loads of gravel from the sawmill up the road to our place, and I got up at 5am on the day to dig trenches around our stumps and fill them with gravel - we're planning to have gravel around most of the perimeter, so the news that we couldn't move any soil after the poison was down was something of a kick up the arse in that department.
The main man reassured me that the chemicals he was using were quite safe (though I noticed that he didn't remove his breathing apparatus, eye protection or thick gloves at any time - nor did he go anywhere near his junior assistant, who was actually applying the poison). We decided to be out of the house for the part of the operation where the workmen drilled tens of holes through the cement slab in order to inject litres of organophosphate solution into the soil - so we went to Lismore for the day.
My good intentions of keeping my hours low and staying chilled have been somewhat compromised by stereotypical newbie-contactor fear of turning any work down. C has started getting busy again too - she has chunks of freelance work, and she's volunteering at the Nimbin CTC - which is both in a good cause and a very good way to meet people in the village.
Our random element this week came from Stefan and Iris heading off for a mini-break, and needing someone to look after their goats. We fed them, we watered them. I even scratched them between the ears. Still don't really like goats though - all they're good for is making delicious cheese.

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