Cabin Fever

An even rainier week!

To see just how rainy, check out this video our friends Steffan and Iris took (from their blog vos2oz.com). The first half of this video shows what is normally a very small, placid creek on their property. The second half shows the adventure that driving to Lismore has become!

My grand plans for getting ahead on the garden have been stymied by the continual downpour. Even most indoor work is impossible because the wooden structure of the house is too wet. Looking on the bright side, it has enforced a degree of rest over the first couple of weeks with the new baby, which is probably a good thing - especially for C.
When we have gone out, it has been indoors - we've spent a fair amount of time at the Rainbow cafe.
Given that our tumble dryer died, and the rain has been more or less constant, the most rock and roll element of my lifestyle has been the daring early morning trips to the laundrette. In order to keep up with the demand for clean, dry nappies and bunny rugs, I've been driving through knee-deep water to the village and back whenever we've got behind on the nappies. The guy at the Spin Cycle shop in Lismore promised us he would be able to fix our tumble dryer this week, but when we drove into town on Wednesday to drop it off, we found that he had extended his Xmas holiday. These small details can really change the shape of your week. And lose you someone's business.

As the four of us have been experiencing slight cabin-fever, cooped up in our house, we have avoided driving straight home from the village a few times, and today we took a 10 minute detour up Gungas Road to take a look at the normally peaceable small creek that runs though Steffan's yard. Not only had the creek been transformed into a eight metre wide torrent, but there are waterfalls falling directly onto Gungas Road itself, and Gungas Road is cut off to all but the ruggedest all terrain vehicles at the point where it fords the creek to go up the hill. its a bit of an adventure in the rainforest right now.

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