we've done much, but little that's blogworthy.
K is now a month old, hale, hearty, and loud.
We've spent a couple of weeks in Brisbane, and shown Rose the sights to some extent - trundled the pushchair round Lone Pine Koala sanctuary, taken the Citicat down to New Farm and looked round the Powerhouse, shopped for nik-naks along Paddington's Latrobe Terrace, and gone out for wine and pizza in West End - which is not bad considering we've got a month-old bub in tow.
Work has proved pretty tough with my reduced sleep ration, and working from home has, in practice, meant putting an eight hour day in, in smallish chunks between 7am and 11pm.
Though it hasn't got any sunnier, it has got hotter and more humid, and in the last few days it has become harder to work from home - I'm training the fan directly on my face, and trundling over to the fridge for iced water every 5 minutes or so.
C's mum has flown back to the UK, and my mum has arrived from Portugal, in a fairly efficient tag-team operation which will ensure C doesn't have to cope with bub by herself in the first four months. I've become conscious of the looming logistical nightmare that will be taking a toddler on two 25 hour flights to the UK and back to meet the relatives - even though it's a year or so away, I should start solving the problems while I've got thinking time to spare...Now if only I could get enough sleep to think straight.
Next week is Australia day, a Mondayised bank holiday, which I've extended to take as a week off, so I will catch up properly with the blogging, upload some of our Brisbane photos, and maybe get around to replacing the picture of me enjoying the cigar of fatherhood in the sidebar, which is getting a bit tired. Apologies for missing a week last Sunday - I'll not let it happen again any time soon.

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