National Parking

We have been taking advantage of sunny days and my mum's remaining time in the country to do some camping and exploring.
Gheerula (North of Maleny) for rolling green hills, swimming holes, and forest walks, followed by a day at the beach at Surfers' Paradise.
Surfers is not somewhere I'd normally go, but I thought it made a perfect counterpoint to the joys of the hinterlands of Nimbin and Maleny.
The following weekend, we went camping again, this time high on the plateau East of Surfers', in Springbrook National Park. Our walks took in underground waterfalls, wildlife and cliff-top ocean views (not to mention a land mullet, two pythons, and a black snake).
Once back in Nimbin a friend invited us for afternoon tea at their place at a nearby MO community, and we discovered yet another great swimming reservoir - so big it's almost a lake, and beautifully warm - ideal for lazy afternoons on a lilo. It's starting to dawn on me that we are poor relations in Nimbin, in that we don't have easy access to a creek or a swimming hole, and most people we know do.
Not having enough of water, I also got stuck into repairing the broken ornamental pond in our front garden. It has not been usable since we moved in (in 2006) so I figured I should try to get it to the point where I can stock it with some fish. Many man-hours later, the bloody thing finally (finally) holds water. All I need to do now is rig up a pump and a filter, and then buy some fish. Photos will follow, if I ever get that far. If anyone has experience keeping cold-water fish in an outdoor pond, please get in touch - I have lots of noob questions (basic things like, how do you stop predators eating the fish, and how much do I need to feed them, and how big a pump do I need to keep the water oxygenated).

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