Another case of "blogging under duress". Toddler energetic and frenetic. Painting and decorating the studio downstairs reaching that "last 10%" which always takes impossibly longer than foreseen. Brew club came to mine this month - IPA was brewed and bottled. It's still "green", but it tastes like ale, which is a bonus. The solar panel array is finally reaching 100% capacity for several hours on Sunny days - the buzz of the inverter as it feeds power back into the grid is a very satisfying sound. Our peach tree provided enough ripe fruit for a large crumble, and should do the same again next week.
I organised a presentation here in Nimbin by a guy from the Institute for Complementary Currencies (www.baroondollar.org). It will be a long slog to make a complementary currency actually enter circulation, but until something puts me off, I'll keep pushing the idea forward - it feels like something Nimbin should have. I am updating the progress of this side-project on twitter.
The sunny weather has warmed up the Nimbin pool - it's now a great temperature for just lounging in (and beside) on sunny days. In addition to the sunny days, there have been some great "storm season" nights: - I had always thought the expression "rolling thunder" was a turn of phrase. Last week though, I heard thunder that sounded as though a zorb the size of the death star had been filled with shrapnel, and then rolled around the ridge beyond the valley - it went on and on,getting neither louder nor quieter, but moving steadily, at around 100 kph, until it went out of earshot to the Southeast.
As Calvin & Hobbes might have it, the days are just packed - we've had a fancy dress halloween ball (I went as Rincewind, C went as Agnes Nutter). We've had 3 bub birthdays. We've had the Nimbin Blue Moon Cabaret (highlight: Rendition of the girl from Ipanema that blew that tune's elevator muzak connotations out of my mind). I've had book club, brew club, creative writing class, and . K has had her first ever swimming lessons and her first . I've made this year's batch of fresh chilli oil.
I rounded off the month with a climbing trip with mates Aaron and Jonas up Wollumbin. It's more a walk than a climb, but with my current fitness levels, I'm filing it under "climbing".
The panorama photos are views from the walk up Wollumbin.

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