So we drove into Lismore from the West (for once) and accidentally stumbled upon the Tender Centre. We'd been carefully ignoring everyone's recommendations for the place, but curiosity got the better of us, so we wandered in. The concept is basically a slow-motion sealed bids auction house - you examine the goods, write your offer for any you'd like to buy, and a week later they get back to you if your bid is the highest and meets the reserve. Where multiple items of the same kind are for sale, you can put a bid in for each, but only purchase the first one for which you are the winning bidder.
After tendering for several hundred dollars of impulse buys (mostly with unrealistically low bids thankfully) we made a long and relaxed day of it in Lismore.
On Monday morning I had a work meeting in Brissie, so I hit the road at 5, and came back the same evening, rolling in at 10pm. This behaviour makes for a long week.
The following weekend was Nimbin Blue Moon Cabaret Ball weekend. I now look forward to the Blue Moon cabarets with glee, and this one did not disappoint (though we didn't really participate much in the "ball" element).
The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the sunshine in the garden, and trying to catch up on our book-keeping, which is getting ludicrously behind.
After a very full week (including brewing club, writing class, phone calls to Europe at antisocial hours, yet more book-keeping, and completely rebuilding an XP computer on Windows 7) I would have welcomed an empty weekend, but in the event a full one was much more fun:

Saturday was Rainbow Ridge Steiner school's open day, so we went along with K to get a feel for the place and meet some of the staff. My impressions were hugely positive - of the facilities, the staff, but most of all of the kids themselves. I am looking forward to K being able to go along to the playgroup there in the new year. After grabbing the leaflets (and coffee) we headed back to Nimbin, where C dropped me off at the youth club hall for Software Freedom Day. In the event this was as geeky (and as much fun) as it sounds. There was a (most functional) steampunk-style laptop running slackware, we played with phun, we gave out Ubuntu CDs, we demostrated the Wiimote whiteboard hack, we swapped open source ideas and tips, and most importantly we proselytized.
On Sunday Phil organised a roof-raising party to get the rafters up on the place he's building. I knew almost everyone there, and we had an absolute hoot - and the wood fairly flew up on top of the frame (with Phil carefully timing the distribution of caffeinated soft drinks, just as we were starting to slow in the afternoon). Once all the rafters were up, the crew were served wood-fired pizza and cold beer - altogether, a most satisfying day.

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