Our Fourth Mardi Grass

Y'all deserve a proper blog post, with details of what we've been up to.
Well, I'm tired, so you're not getting.
We did the beach.
Found a cool cafe near Teven where they grow the beans for their coffee, and had fun at Mardi Grass, and now we're tired.
Enjoy the pics.

Your safety is our primary concern.

The Kombi Convoy was, as always, superlative. Bit short, though, compared to '08.

The Plantem lives. You can't kill an idea.

Horses like grass. No two ways about it.

Grass Vader.

The main field, as people are just starting to drift back up the hill.

Make stilt puppets, not war.

The staff from happy high herbs tell it like it is.

The Ganja Faeries - ominously well rehearsed this year.

Aboriginal Bundjalung elders. Righteous didge player, too.

Dachambo, fresh from Tokyo with fresh psy-dub stylin.

Tripped out by pretty colours.

Teddy lives in shoe. No, really.

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