PV'ed but Unwired

The solar panels are up on the roof. We have paid for them, and now we have to wait and hope the government aren't fibbing about the rebate.
The system is rated at 1.3kWh, and took the two guys from Rainbow Power Company about 6 hours to install, including setting up the inverter and all the wiring except for actually connecting the AC output to the grid, which is done separately by the electricity company.
They chose to lay the rack and panels flat on the roof, as this will maximise Summer output, at the cost of slightly reducing Winter efficiency, when the sun is lower in the sky. As we're grid connected, maximising the total fed into the grid over the whole year is the aim.
The forthcoming NSW feed in tariff for domestic PV systems will kick in in July, and should see us being paid somewhere in the region of AU$0.60/kWh, and should provide a full return on our investment (after rebate) within 36 months.
The panels are not visible from the ground, and come with a 20 year warranty. There is a separate system of federal and state rebates for solar hot water systems, and getting that set up will be next on our list - financially it is much less rewarding, and the payback time is longer (because the power gathered substitutes for low-cost off peak power used over night to heat the hot water tank) but the environmental benefits are actually greater than the grid-feed system, with many households using up to 70% of their power in water heating, especially if a lot of hot washes are being done in a washing machine.
On a more rock'n'roll note, we had our first night out without K this month - our neighbour Natalie kindly watched K for us while we went out to the Nimbin Blue Moon Cabaret. We enjoyed the jazz piano improv, the street poetry, the belly dancing and even the hip-hop, but for me the highlight of the evening was the physical theatre comedy duo The Pitts. I'd seen them before at the Auckland busking festival in 2005, but they've got more polished since then (and had a young son who plays his part on stage too, though he's only about three years old). We made a night of it - there were plenty of people we knew at the place, decent South Australian red to drink, and food both before the start and in the interval. My kind of show. Nimbin being Nimbin, the interval also saw many of the crowd leave the premises to spark up, after which a quite phenomenal haze wafted through on the breeze.
Rod and Cherdina have asked me to be MC at their wedding in May, so I need to memorise my cues for each tune, and make sure I've got the order of speakers straight in my head - but it sounds like an easier gig than being best man - and the place they've booked out on the Gold Coast looks a fantastic place to spend a few days.

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