Make room! Make room! This is the way to make more space - dig and dig and dig! The Bobcat only just fit under the ceiling, but had enough space to maneuver between the walls and get the soil out to the foot of the garden. Once Mr. Bobcat was done, there was less than an hour's spadework to get the ground ready for the new cement slab. There will be so much space - I think I'll just keep digging until I've built my own empire down there!
Apart from the "dig out downstairs" project and all the usual early Spring gardening fun, we've been appreciating the wildlife as it comes out of hibernation. Monty the Python is back in action - slithering up the garden of a Tuesday morning, and as I was going up the outside stairs on Monday I spotted a new visitor to the garden - an echidna. I got a photo, but he's just a spiky ball, and you can't see him quivering in a photo so I haven't bothered putting it up here. Unlike me, C had the patience to stand stock-still next to him with K until he calmed down and poked his very handsome snout out to have a look around.
I still haven't shaken off (what I'm hoping is only) the winter blues - I'm still coughing and spluttering my way round the house, and am heading to the doctor tomorrow; I've never been to the doctor before just 'coz I've got a cough, but it's getting ridiculous - I've been only half-well for over 2 months now. Even little K is getting more sleep than me, and she's the one waking me up at night!

This has been a high "screen time" week too - as well as a long week at work I've been succumbing to long online Mario Kart Wii sessions, and I finally got dragged into Facebook (yeah, I know, I swore it would never happen, whatever...I'm still holding out against Twitter and MySpace...) my monthly crossword for the local paper seemed to take forever to finish somehow (actually, I know why - it's because I boxed myself into a corner and refused to just rip it up and start again, which would have been far quicker)... and what am I doing now? Why, I'm sat here typing my blog when I should really be playing with my daughter before she goes to sleep.

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