Free Association

I'm pushed for time with this blog, so I'm going to scribble down the week's doings as they come back to me.
I put the car into the garage, and miraculously they did the bodywork same day and I picked it up that evening.
Fran has finished her painting of K - a photo will go on the blog once the fixative has dried.
The tree surgeon came and quoted on sorting out our invasive tree problem - they're Polonias, not Camphor Laurels - Stefan had already told me they might be Polonias - should've guessed he'd be on the money. All five trees cut, logged and chipped came in just above $1,500, so I reckon we'll go for it as it will sort out our garden and give us lots more breeze and sunlight in the winter months.

The channon market featured a lively samba band.

I was less lively for much of the week.

We've had Cockatoos and Wallabies around the garden as the sun has started to come back out.

Fran wanted to see Woodburn and Evans Head, so we drove down on Saturday - impressive piece of national park, and beaches that surpassed my expectations - though it was too rainy for swimming that day.

We spent this morning consuming unlikely quantities of caffeine and then wandering round the market and Nimbin art gallery with Fran - and I picked up a load of good SF books for 50 cents a pop, including some Harlan Ellison I've never seen before (slaver, slaver...)
Jonas and Tanya came round this afternoon with Otto - he's become huge and much more of a person in his own right... It's amazing how quickly new babies' personalities start to shine through!
In a final burst of constructive energy, I have used some free time this evening to go through the enormous pile of clothes which C has been intending to sell on eBay for the last 2 months, and take a picture of each one before bagging them up - so the enormous clothes drift no longer threatens to topple onto me while I'm sleeping and crush the air out of my lungs.
Things are afoot. News is imminent. Watch this space.
Keep watching.

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