Hold On....Hold On.... You Can Let Go Now.

It started as another week of waiting.

We have a very large web about 4 metres above our back door. It belongs to a St Andrews spider.

I have been experimenting in the garden with the hand saw to discover how thick the biggest branches I can safely trim off our trees are, and how high up I can get - so I can figure out how much of the pruning, pollarding, and glyphosate-tree-genocide I can get done before we have to call in a professional to finish the job. It's surprising how big a branch you can saw off in 5 minutes with a handsaw after a bit of practice.
C has experimented with some Flash and ActionScript coding. She's picked an unlikey time to start tuning up her Flash skillset - but it seems the hormones help her concentrate (on a single, continuous task, at least - the stereotypical "nappy brain" absentmindedness has definitely affected her as well, when it comes to
switching between tasks).
I've had particularly fierce and persistent carpal tunnel and RSI pain this week,and I'm not sure why. I have resolved to go back to the GP in the new year, and make an appointment with the recommended physio as well. The pain from the carpal tunnel has kept me awake two nights running, which is a worry as I'd hoped to be fresh and rested when needed as support during C's labour.
Through the week we've driven in to Lismore 4 times for (IMHO) pointless "monitoring" - where everything is obviously fine, they strap C to a monitor for 20 minutes, tell us everything is fine, and make us promise to drive the hour round trip again the following day. Another $100 in petrol and 36 wasted man-hours thanks to the home birth falling through. (Further pommie whingeing censored by the boss).

The birth itself was an unpleasant botched caesarean section. Less said the better.

However, mum and bub both came through great, and we have a beautiful addition to the family! K was born on Sunday at 22:38 Sydney time, weighing 3180 grammes. Both she and C are doing great, and C is in an airy, light en-suite with good access to the nurses and all facilities.
Rose and I stayed in Lismore last night, Rose at a motel, me mostly with C except for snatching an hour's sleep in the car here and there. I am feeling pretty tired today, but not exceptionally tired - because the nurses on the maternity ward have taken such good care of C, and have done the lion's share of caring for Kaara during the night. For me, the most exhausting time will probably be the first two or three days after we get K home.
I will be interested to see whether next week's blog entry is longer or shorter than this one.

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