I have a tip for those with a floor to varnish. Close the windows and doors, wear the cheapest mask, and use the thinnest polyurethane varnish you can find. With a bit of luck the visuals persist for 3 hours, and the subsequent headache can be controlled with a carefully measured dose of pina colada.
The countdown to baby continues - C has been sent for yet another ultrasound scan as the midwives are concerned that the baby is small for 37 weeks.
C had some freelance book cover design and web-page work come in this week, which bodes well for building up the home-based work over the next few weeks and months. It's beginning to seem that some of the connections we've made in Brisbane were fortuitous when it comes to "seeding" word of mouth recognition.
Our friends Naomi & Bruce drove down from Brisbane and stayed over in Nimbin on Saturday night. They gave me a hand catching up on the garden - we trimmed and pruned the trees around the driveway, and weeded the banana patch, then cut up last year's trees and stacked them above the green shoots of the new ones. Naomi also discovered a whole section of paved patio in the back garden that I didn't know existed, and uncovered and cleaned it using a shovel.

We also heard from our ex-flatmates John and Sanghi. They're coming back to Australia (again) en-route to New Zealand. John will stay in a spare room in the Brisbane house for a few weeks, and with a bit of luck they'll both get to see the baby before they head home.

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