Dub Hammer

After an eight hour day at work, and a three hour antenatal class, the three hour drive back to Brisbane left me absolutely shattered on Monday night. Unfortunately, I had a relatively busy week lined up - I met up with Oscar at Lock'n'Load on Thursday night for some tapas and beers (and to pick up a rather crucial supply of warez). We also went out for a meal at Jazzy Cat and then on for beers at the West End pool hall with Rod and Cherdina (who was our London housemate back in '02) on the Friday night.

We decided to take it very easy on Saturday morning, and had a lie in before bumming round west end buying tropical fruit, drinking flat whites and putting up adverts for our old car. By happy chance, our neighbours across the street were having a yard sale, and we got talking to them as we browsed amongst their cool T shirts and other stuff - it turned out that the T shirt seller (Chad) is also a proprietor of the reggae cafe at the end of the street, which is called Rudekat Records, which is in turn one of the promoters of the Island Time reggae festival on Stradbroke Island in two weeks' time. We'd been hoping to go, but couldn't really afford the tickets. Chad said there were some volunteering places left, so it looks like I have a free ticket for some dogsbody work, some fire-juggling, or perhaps both.
Back in Nimbin, having stopped off en-route to pick up a jackhammer, a tent and a bicycle, we saw that our mama wallaby was back in the garden to feed. She now has a little joey in the pouch, and as she hid behind the sheets on our washing line and picked off the tastiest leaves from the trees, the little guy would occasionally pop his head out to have a look around. Thanks to the zoom lens Alex sent me, I was able to get a shot of the joey, doing "watching me watching you".
When not wildlife watching, we got busy with the bathroom renos, having hired a pneumatic jackhammer, which I used to break up and remove the cement slab which had supported the tiles in the bathroom. This was tiring, dusty, unpleasant work, but a big part of a job which the plumbers had quoted us $3000 for in total - and which we should finish ourselves for $500 and bit of sweat!

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