Busy Busy Busy

So, it's been a mad couple of weeks. Mostly, it has been mundane stuff - climbing up onto the roof, and cleaning the guttering. Assembling and plumbing in the new sink and vanity unit in the bathroom. Selling our old car and buying a new car. Probably the biggest single piece of time this week has been given over to fighting off the evil paperwork caused by needing to register a car in Queensland, whilst residing in New South Wales, and at the same time needing to renew my driver's license in the UK. Kicking off a new project at Gensolve Ltd, and wrapping up a long, ongoing project at Mincom have also featured high on the list.
Some of it has been only half mundane - I have taken the first few steps towards organizing a reunion of the UCL alumni who live and work in Brisbane. It looks like there will only be a handful of people at first, but it should be interesting meeting up with folks of various ages who have UCL backgrounds and have emigrated to Queensland. Also, we have had the component parts of C's new desk sitting around in the office for months. this weekend, we finally got around to assembling it - it came from Ikea, but it's pretty cool - the height and angle can be independently adjusted, and the entire top is a massive sheet of glass, divided into two separate lightboxing areas. Not that C will be able to reach the desk to do any lightboxing, or indeed, any work at all, if her belly gets much bigger - she already has trouble reaching the keyboard. Being able to rest her elbows on her bump hasn't stopped her from extending her contract though - she has reduced her hours to 17 per week, but will now continue working at Queensland's Department of the Cabinet and Premier until October 26.
Our first spring in New South Wales continues, and the entire driveway was covered in white blossoms when we arrived home this week. The next morning I walked out into the garden and looked up. I don't know the names of any of the trees that are in bloom yet - but there are at least three different species of white blossom in the garden. With our continued weekly absences, it seems the wallabies are getting bolder as well - though perhaps I see them more because I have tuned my eyes in a little bit better to the life in the bush around our house, which definitely starts to teem in September!
We had to drive back to Nimbin last Wednesday, because I didn't have too much confidence in my plumbing - but all the connections seen to be watertight, and there are no leaks in sight. Unfortunately, our ante Natal class has been postponed by one week, and will now run on Wednesdays starting 19th.
The fact of being only three months away from fatherhood has not sunk in yet - and it probably won't until I meet my daughter! On the other hand, the lists of things that we want to get respectively started, and finished between now and December are decidedly real. It looks like the garden, which by necessity will be a lower priority than the house, is unlikely to be tamed unless we can find someone to help us. Hopefully, we can find a couple of backpackers willing to pitch in and tidy it up in exchange for food and board for a couple of weeks - we have put up adverts around Nimbin, and will do the same in Brisbane this week.

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