New Person!

Our big news this week is that C is pregnant.
The new person is due to arrive in mid/late December, and she's a little girl. She doesn't have a name yet, but she does have a working title - Lil (as in "lil girl").
We said hello to her image on the scanner (darkly) last week, and she was pretty shy, but we still got a good look at her sleeping face before she hid from the camera completely. Figuring the dates, we're fairly sure she was made in New Zealand, during our trip to Bas and Jo's wedding on South Island.
Much of our time has been taken up getting ahead on the baby-kit. Four months out might seem a bit early to be buying a cot, a car-restraint, and a jogger - but the price and choice we've got in Brisbane is many times better than around Nimbin, so we should save ourselves hassle by stocking up on all the essentials right now, during our remaining few weeks in the city.
We drove down to Nimbin for the weekend, partly to deliver some of the bulkier items home before we had more than would fit in our little Barina, and partly because we were starting to really miss the place... And now I'm back in the city I'm suddenly very sad that I'm not down there to stay for another 2 months or so, and suddenly aware of all the ways city life compresses and distorts my priorities and personality.
C's job is plodding on, both my jobs are plodding on, and I'm still appreciating the extra time at home and away from the psychologically toxic office environment - it's making me more anti-social, but also saner. As C put it - now we've seen outside of the rat-race, we're very keen to get out as far as possible.
I had a strange working-from-home moment today. I lit the gas stove-top to make myself some rice for lunch. I was wearing a cotton/nylon jumper. As I lit the stove, the flame jumped inexplicably, about 50cm to my chest, and the front of my jumper was suddenly on fire. It was not hot - a cool, yellowish flame, standing in the air about 1cm above the surface of the jumper. I stepped back, well away from the stove, and tried to smother the flames with my arms - with the result that the flames jumped onto the arms of my jumper, which gave me a better view of them - small, yellow, not very hot. It's hard to smother your arms with any other part of the body, so I took the jumper off and sat on it. After a moment the flames went out, and I examined the jumper - not a mark on it, and seemingly good as new, though it did make a crackling, static-electricity type noise as I took it off. I googled for the phenomenon and came up with nothing.


Anonymous said...

So excited for you both...Huge congratulations :-)and great news it's a girl..Well having 4 girls of my own ya know...;-)

Love Steph X

Jay said...

Thanks Steph :)
Lots of craziness will of course ensue, but in a way that's nothing new...