Last week was insane. After four busy days, I shoehorned in the Nimbin Good Times crossword in a single evening, with C helping me frantically complete the last few clues and email it off before the deadline. I'm almost certain there'll be at least one embarrassing typo.
With our car at the garage having its gearbox rebuilt, the plumbers we've been chasing to plumb in our shower for four months finally rang back to say they needed to start on Monday.
To keep costs down, we are redecorating and retiling the bathroom ourselves (or "doing renos" as they call DIY in Oz - it rhymes with the French car, not the city in Nevada). We're only paying the plumbers to make the fixtures and fittings watertight at the seams. The problem was, as we needed to keep using the shower, we couldn't start tiling until the plumber called and gave us the go-ahead. So we were in Brisbane on Friday, needing to have the bathroom stripped and retiled by Monday. I rang 4 car-hire places before I found one that could rent us a small car on short notice, then threw some weekend gear into a bag and hiked across town to meet C just before the Europcar office closed at 5:30, so we could pick up a car and sit in rush-hour traffic for two hours. Once we made it to the Southbound transit lane we did better, as it seems everyone in Brisbane is alone in their car - but it was still nine O'clock by the time we got home, and after eleven O'clock by the time we'd mixed up and poured a load of self-levelling compound and turned in. The next 48 hours passed in a daze of hammering, sawing, and dismantling of all the old fixtures, and dealing with all the tricky things like sawing through and sealing up copper pipe that we disconnected, so that we still had water in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. By Sunday night we had the floor retiled and ready for the plumber, and we checked the time before turning in - half past two in the morning.

There have been ground frosts round Nimbin this week, but we've kept ourselves warm all weekend, and not had to light the fire once. We also got our broadband reconnected, and I've finally hooked Skype up properly - email me if you're on Skype but don't have my Skype!
This week some of my team (and my boss) are over from Denver, so I've been catching up with them, and we went together as the dreaded all-IT couple to another drinks night organised by our contractor management company in Brisbane's West End. It's shocking to see how many poms are in the IT game in Brisbane!

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